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Registration & Recital Fees

$130 Includes:

  • Registration for a single (1) student, non-refundable, ($25)
  • 5 Recital tickets (any combination of shows), non-refundable, ($60)
  • 1 Recital tee shirt, non-refundable, ($25)
  • Dance Education Fee ($20)

Additional Student Registration fee: $25/each, non-refundable, plus $25 per recital tee, non-refundable.

Additional advance-purchase recital tickets are available at the studio on Ticket Day in April/May (See Calendar) through June 1, for $13 each, or for $16 each at the door. (Tickets are non-refundable after June 1).

Tuition & Payment Options

We offer multi-class discounts that also extend to families. Annual tuition per family and costume fees will be calculated at time of registration. Please call 248-380-1666 or email us for additional tuition information.

Initial payments are due by the first class. Distribution of payments will be determined by client choice:

  1. 10 monthly payments by ACH Debit from your checking account (No service fee; credit card account number must be provided and will be kept on file as backup; you may choose either the 5th or the 15th of each month for the withdrawal)
  2. 10 monthly payments by credit card (PLEASE NOTE: Accounts using a credit card for payment will be charged a $5.00 per month service fee; Cards accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Discover; processed on the 5th of each month for the withdrawal).
  3. One-time only full payment due by first class
  4. Two payments (September 1st and February 1st)


NOTE: We offer a ‘bill to my account’ service for clients who maintain either a credit card on file or ACH status. Purchases will be paid, along with monthly tuition and costume fees, on their chosen withdrawal date (5th or 15th of the month). You may 'OPT IN' or 'OPT OUT' on your registration form. Clients who decline this service must pay for all items at time of purchase.

Adds: Will be processed immediately and pro-rated.

Drops: By verbal request in person, or via telephone. Requests must be made prior to the first of the next billing month. Any requests received after the first of the month will be processed in the next billing period.

Missed Classes: Credit will not be given for any classes missed. Make-up classes may be arranged at the instigation of the dancer or his/her family.

Recital Costume Fees

Non-refundable after December 31. There is a cancellation fee of $25/costume. Non-returnable after receipt. Exchangeable for size.

  • Deposit for all dancers – $85 per student per class
  • Primary Hip Hop classes wear custom-designed tee shirts with black dance shorts for the girls, and black athletic shorts for the boys – $25 per tee shirt
  • Boys’ costumes are often separates and, therefore, subject to market price. We will endeavor to secure the most economical, yet appropriate, costumes for our male dancers.

Any additional fees will be due at time of notice. Costume payments will be spread over the months from Sept. – Jan.

NOTE: If an account is not current for costume payments as of December 2, costumes will not be ordered for those dancers. Client assumes the risk of costumes not shipping in time for Picture Day and/or Dress Rehearsals and Recitals for any orders placed after the primary order in December.

Recital Tickets

For tickets purchased on Ticket Day in April/May (See Calendar), seat selection will be on a first come/first serve basis. If a client has no preferences for seats, they may turn in their ticket request form prior to Ticket Day, and still receive the advanced purchase price.